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Pick the Perfect Watermelon?

A lesson on plant purity and potency

· Why doTERRA

Who here knows how to pick the perfect watermelon?

If you're anything like me, you stroll through the produce aisle saying a prayer of wisdom while you go. Why? You usually have not a clue what is the best fruit or vegetable, what is in season or out of season, what prices are good, etc. However, since subscribing to Epicurious these last few months, I've upped my score in the freshest food ingredients, and therefore better tasting dishes.

I just learned this technique earlier this summer, and I have had some really good success with it. Prior to knowing how to pick the perfect watermelon, it was a hit and miss adventure. Sometimes the watermelon would be a beautiful dark luscious red, and other times it would be light pink with almost no taste at all.

Similarly, when an essential oil is harvested, the process MUST begin with the perfect plant, grown in optimal soil, and harvested at the perfect time of its life cycle. Experienced farmers with many generations of knowledge partner (source) with doTERRA. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many of the essential oils on the market today. Even if they say "pure" they don't really have to actually be pure. They could be adulterated and contain fillers and toxins harmful to you and your family. DoTERRA essential oils are potent and pure – tested and proven by a third party called Source to You. Check them out here:

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